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Slow Gaming Phone? Here’s A Few Fixes

21 September 2016
Technology, Blog

Mobile gaming has grown to be more than just puzzle games and hidden object adventures. The wider world of gaming is becoming mobile as well, and if you're playing a graphics-intensive mobile game with a lot of processing power use, you can't deal with slow performance in other parts of the phone. If your phone is moving slow and has made your once smooth-operating game a choppy chugfest, here's a few tips that can get you back into the game.
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Business Phone Systems: 3 Features Your Business Can Greatly Benefit From

28 June 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog

More and more businesses are switching out their landlines for VoIP business phone systems. These hosted systems are designed with features that will enhance your productivity in and out of the office. Here are a few of those features: 1. Call Screening It can be frustrating to be right in the middle of a huge project when your phone rings. While you know that you are waiting on an important sales call that you need to close, you also know that it could be a vendor or even your mother calling – both of whom can wait until later for you to speak with.
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Three Types Of Car Window Tinting And How To Get Them

22 June 2016
 Categories: Technology, Blog

Car window tinting can reduce glare, decrease the amount of heat your car absorbs and increase personal privacy. There are three types of car window tinting, and each one is more expensive than the last. For your consideration, the three types are described below, as well as how you can acquire each of these types of window tinting. Painted On Some window tinting may be achieved with a spray-on paint. This is the cheapest method, and it is also one that may not last quite as long.
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